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Who we are

Who we are...

A new beginning in an old neighborhood… Paula and Lydia Giannas launch in 2019, Kapa26artwork, a little artwork corner in their grandfather’s old milliner shop, set in an old picturesque paved street of Thessaloniki. However Kapa26artwork has its roots in the other grandfather’s jewellery shop which was founded in 1938 by Sotirios Giannas in Venizelou street. This family business is later taken over by George Giannas, one of the last finest watch repairers in Thessaloniki, and is moving to Tsimiski Str. The third generation, in the face of Sotiris Giannas, grandson of the founder, takes over quite early. Somewhere along the way, Sotiris decides, together with his sister, Paula Gianna, to follow other paths, more alternative ones. So in 2019 the family launches Kapa26artwork, where the wisdom of the past is combined with the cultural aspirations of the fourth generation, in the face of Lydia Giannas, great granddaughter of the founder. Sophisticated jewellery, ceramics, innovative techniques in object design, alternative souvenirs, exhibitions, all combined elegantly in that little artwork shop where Greek designers have a very special place.